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Katie's Birthday [Surprise!]

Lana Emmons / Gentle Landing Birth Center

With our regional hospitals shutting down their birthing units, let's help give Choice in Birth back to our community. Help open the Gentle Landing Birth Center!
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About Katie's Birthday [Surprise!]

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Gentle Landing Birth Center is in jeopardy and your help is required. Not many of you may know, but this is a special year for Katie (Katherine) Bramhall. In December she will be celebrating her 60th birthday. I think she deserves the best birthday gift ever - - the ability to bring this birth center to life and start the next chapter. This birth center is NOT for her - this is for us. For ourselves, our sisters, aunts, nieces, daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters. The birth center will give women in the Upper Valley, and beyond, CHOICE IN BIRTH. This is what I propose: DONATE...DONATE...DONATE! SPONSOR A ROOM. Give up your Dunkin’ stops for a month. Reach out to friends and family. Make a commitment to find the people and the funds to get these rooms sponsored. Has Katie (Katherine) influenced your life? Your birth? Did she answer the phone every single time you called? Did she show up when you most needed her? Everyday I see people whose lives have been changed and impacted by Katie’s services - now I am asking you to give back. Give to those families who may never know the incredible spirit of our midwife. This birth center is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Don’t let this fail just because you were too scared to speak up and ask for HELP.

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